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English Ivy

Perhaps one of the prettiest invasive species, in the sense that it has beautiful and strong ways of weaving on buildings and trees and fences gives life a greener look. I’ve always know english ivy to be an invasive species because… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Digital Threat Assessment

Today I got a reality check about things I had never really thought to think about. I was always taught about using common sense on the internet and what that means in terms of predators, and cyber bullying but I… Continue Reading →

Canadian Thistle

The Canadian Thistle  A Plant With a Friendly Name: But not so Canadian   This thistle is a perennial we call our own but it is in fact a native species to Europe and northern Asia, but as we could… Continue Reading →

Editing A Movie For The First Time

Today I used iMovie for the first time and had the opportunity to play around and edit a video about fainting goats. Now this video was provided to me the thee skills I learned today will defiantly apply to many… Continue Reading →

Himalayan Blackberry

This weeks invasive species I looked into is the Himalayan blackberry, a very commonly known plant, especially around the Southern tip of Vancouver Island. I love love love blackberry season! My father and I always go out around the second week… Continue Reading →

The New Twitter Age

I used to be an avid Twitter user, and by that I mean I had Twitter from grade 7 to 12 and used it like no tomorrow. I was always tweeting live from my phone, using the app all night… Continue Reading →

Baby’s Breath

The first species I have picked to look at is baby’s breath the species genus name is gypsophila paniculata. Paniculata meaning a plant that has “tufts“. I chose this species because when working in a floral shop it was one of… Continue Reading →

Invasive Species Are All Around Us

British Columbia is a beautifully diverse province when it comes to ecosystems and the various types of nature we have. I’ve always been a nature lover and love visiting different parts of beautiful B.C  to see what there is around… Continue Reading →

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